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件名: re: Image is impossible
送信時刻: 12:07 AM, August 17, 2016

シムチャ (行ごと、上から下):
[1, 1, 2]
[2, 2]
[1, 1, 1]
[1, 5]
[2, 2, 2]
[2, 7]
[2, 2, 1, 2]
[1, 1, 1]
[2, 1, 1]
[2, 1, 1]

バーバラ (列ごと、左から右):
[2, 3, 2]
[2, 3, 2]
[1, 5]
[3, 2]
[1, 1, 1]
[3, 2, 1]
[2, 1, 1, 1]
[1, 5]
Here's the data the juniors gave me. So for Simcha's first row, the top row of the image, all I have is [1, 1, 2]. That means that, going left to right, there were possibly good superpixels, then one superpixel that had bad effects, then at least one good superpixel, then another bad one, then at least one good one, then a block of two bad ones in a row, and if there's any left in the row at that point, they're all good. We need to censor out the bad ones.

Let me know if you find anything, particularly some way to get some meaning out of what their data failed to tell us. I added a validation tool to the image edit thing that should check your censoring with their data.

See you tomorrow.

FROM: dempsc@foundationNet
TO: anathap@foundationNet
件名: Image is impossible
送信時刻: 11:50 PM, August 16, 2016


オーケー、このドキュメントのための画像は手に入らなかった。我々の持つ2212の画像は全部Dクラスを狂ったようにさせてしまった。訳が分からない。Why is Dr. Ricardo even insisting on having a picture anyhow? Not like they try to have one for 96.

ともかく、私は最も安全な閲覧可能な画像を手に入れ、次席研究員たちにどのビットが譫妄を引き起こしていたのかを調べさせた。被験者を節約するため、譫妄が始まるまでブロックごとに画像を見せていった。Figure chopping it up into a 10x10 grid should be high enough resolution expunging.

Simcha went row-by-row, showing the subjects one more column with each step, until he reached the end of the row, then he went onto the next. Barbara did the same thing, but went column-by-column, adding more rows with each step. Seems reasonable? Sure, but they forgot to record where their blocks started and ended. /

/Both of them!// Where do we find these idiots?

Even so, I ought to have been able to piece together the good and bad chunks. Not so. Their measurements are ambiguous. I found maybe a dozen superpixels I can't tell if they're safe or not. And we don't have the funding to delve further (thanks, Luis). I'll send you their data. Maybe you can find something with it. If not, well, I have an adequately expunged image for the SCP that should be the answer to these damn ambiguities.

— Charlie



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