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アイテム番号: SCP-001-J

オブジェクトクラス: Iyov

特別収容プロトコル: SCP-001-Jにどんな事情があろうと、あらゆる種類の金銭の受け取りは禁止されています。SCP-001-Jとのやり取りを行うスタッフは、事前に持っている全通貨を手放してください。


説明: SCP-001-Jは、全知全能で、全時空に存在するMichael Kainを名乗る実体であり、自らを"壊れた神の教会"の熱心な信者と主張する集団が唯一神として崇拝しています。SCP-001-Jは素晴らしく、また危険でもあるコズミックパワーを、自らの壊滅的な資産運用のスキルの欠如を埋め合わせるために使用します。

SCP-001-J requires a significant influx of cash money in order to pay, in his own words, "the water bill, child support payments, bread, and some of those little hot dogs because protein is a must if you're just barely making ends meet." However, any amount of money given to SCP-001-J, by any individual and for any reason, will somehow mysteriously disappear, despite SCP-001-J's insistence that it was not spent on booze, cigarettes, and porno mags.

Discovery: SCP-001-J was discovered by O5-1 on a business trip to New York during an event later described by SCP-001-J as "that time you totally contained me", where O5-1 stopped SCP-001-J from stealing a bagel by shouting "hey, don't steal that bagel". Ever since O5-1 offered to pay for SCP-001-J's bagel, and gave him a few bucks for a cab, SCP-001-J has left no fewer than 17,000 voicemails on O5-1's phone, typically asking for money or, in some cases, talking at length about unrelated events before eventually asking for money.

Addendum 001-J.1: Recorded Voicemails

The following voicemails were received by O5-1's office between April 20th, 2017, and May 1st, 2017. Notably, both the Global Occult Coalition and the Serpent's Hand also confirmed that SCP-001-J had called them asking for money during this time, while the Chaos Insurgency reported that SCP-001-J had called them, but only burped into the phone for fifteen seconds and hung up.






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