Mlister's サンドボックス

Alexylva University


Threats and [recriminations?] are unnecessary.




Have you ever tried to speak to a slave? Most of them are unable to understand anything outside their duties, and those few that are capable of conversation know nothing of the Classical philosophers.

The University has perfected this distinction. Thanks to our advancements in natural philosophy, no one need ever fear a slave or wife who has transgressed the bounds of orthoskepsi.

-Address to the Students and Faculty

Murdering your peers beforehand, while not technically against any rules, goes against the spirit of the election.
Similarly, negating the event of their birth should be looked down upon, though substantially less so.

-Empty Unmarked Grave

Anderson Robotics


In the same sense that the soul pilots the meat ship that is the human body, I created a simple intelligence to pilot the circuits of this little guy.

-Ties that Bind

As always, it’s a pleasure doing business with you.

Return signal terminated. We’re better off keeping you where you are.
We’re sorry, #31.


I’m just trying to make sure that I fix as many mistakes as I can…

-No Clue, I Stole It From Zhange's Art Page

Are We Cool Yet?


Good morning, living earth. Good night, dead society.

Are we cool yet

These Foundation types catch on slow, don't they? They don't seem to appreciate our work much, either. Art tends to fly right over the head of tough guy types. Good thing they have a few like you in their ranks who can appreciate true creativity.

-Coming soon to a gallery near you

What is Life? what is Art? what is god? Now we pile upon the altar of art and ask our own question. Life is fleeting, Art is everything and nothing, and god is away.

-Notes towards a manifesto

My father and I used to have a lot of hatred for each other, but I think we're cool now.

-Project Proposal 2004-024: "My Father's Values"

I can not confirm or deny that I am being vague about this on purpose. Consider it part of the mystique of the art and artist.

Why don't you start by being honest with me. That would be cool, don't you think?

We make fun of the outsiders because we create these things that don't make any fucking sense, like an enormous in-joke, then we laugh and pat each other on the back and jerk each other off about how cool we are.

Art, in its purest form, is the expression of something. A feeling, an emotion. Art without love or hate is not art, but mass-produced commercial garbage.

-Project Proposal 1994-357: "A Still Life"

Look, there's more to this than just making a piece of art that kills people and then slapping our slogan on the end of it like some kind of punchline.

-The Critic

You are not cool yet. Make better art.


"Are We Cool Yet?"
That was it?


“Three people have died from your exhibition.”
“They signed waivers.”

-wowwee go kill ursefl

The Black Queen


Feeling helpless is never a pleasant sensation, particularly when you're used to the feeling of being five steps ahead of everyone else in your world. Lashing out in the way that you did was understandable, if unfortunate.

Whatever ultimately becomes of your plans, I hope you will try and find us again. You're scared and confused, and probably angry. At one point, I was too. But we know you better than anyone else ever can. If you choose to stay, there is no limit to what we can do.

-Black Queen Hub

"No," said the other Alison, "and neither am I. This has all been built by us, for each other, with signs only we would see. I knew you'd find a way in."

-Queen's Gambit

The Chaos Insurgency


Should intermittent vengeance arm again his red right hand to plague us?

-The logo

We came up with that term, "Chaos Insurgency", by the way. They co-opted it; they're good at co-opting things.

The Council claims to act in the best interests of the Foundation, of Humanity. How can this be when the Council does not answer to the rank and file of this organization, much less Mankind at large?

But darkness itself is not evil: Science is amoral, and Knowledge is Power.

The universe can at once appear welcoming and hostile, teeming with secrets and threats, full of knowledge and riches to be had but harsh and unforgiving. As always, Humanity is and will be tested. As always, Humanity must meet the challenges before it as we have met every other. We must be the Vanguard, holding the torch of illumination and leading the masses forward.

We, the Foundation and Mankind, not only can do this, but must, if we are to survive, and not just survive, but better ourselves and flourish, that Humanity can claim its rightful place as Master over Nature and Extraordinary.

Let us wage a war of fleas. We bite, leap, and bite again.

We shall be agents of chaos, setting the world on fire, not to watch it burn, but to exhaust the fire brigade.

-Briefing on SLATE THUNDER



The Chicago Spirit


When folks ask where I studied, I just laugh at them. I don't believe in formal education. I never spent a day in a classroom, yet I'm one of the most successful men in this city.

What the schoolmasters don't tell you is that genius is something you're born with.

I can't give you a scientific explanation for how we perform the miracles we do, but then again, nobody else can, either.

In my business, me and the Ivy League boys are equal in everything—everything, that is, except power. That's something I have plenty of."

-GOI-001: Chicago Spirit

Rukmini decides that it's time to teach Farhan a lesson. Just before she steps out the door, she realizes that she ought to put some clothes on. Nudity is much better suited to ritual summoning than assassinations.


Know this: when you joined this organization, you gave more than just your life to us. You may think death is your ultimate respite when you decide you've finally had enough. And it will be, if we allow it.

-Carroll #332: The Snitch Dungeons

The Church of the Broken God


The smith answers only to God, for his hands repair His body.

Cast in the Design of God, We Faithful.

Individuality is the file system through which our Lord is compiled.

-Individuality is the file system through which our Lord is compiled.

The Design is not that of the Mind, but of a much simpler Truth which Man in his small wisdom can attain.

-The Broken Mind

He who Standardizes the Brain in such a way as to reduce the Efficient Production of Thought is truly a Servant of The FLESH.

-Volume 21.01.A-01: Of the Five Pillars of the Standardization of Thought

Our worst fears have been realised. We are beset on all sides by heresy and the iniquities of the Flesh. But our God is a draftsman. Our God is an architect. Our God standardizes

-Variations on a Schema

The lightning is my hammer, the Earth my anvil, the sand my ingot.


“O, mighty Lord, what has become of thy body? Why have you been undone?” The Lord said unto me “Go, and restore me to glory, and I shall restore you in turn”

-CotBG Bible Fragments

Doctor Wondertainment


“When your world is down and you’re needing escape,
Know in your head is a Wonderful place”

-Dr. Wondertainment Hub

We seek to make people smile, and give people a reason to be happy, if only for a short time.


"Why does he need outside help? Why involve kids at all?"


Kids just didn’t buy toys anymore. They were too busy playing those horrible video games, which rotted the brain and promoted all sorts of unwholesome things like murder, foul language, and microtransactions.

-Assistance for the Boss Lady

Who first looked up?
Who first loved?
Who held the first child?
It was I.

-Memory of Days Long Past

We are certain of only one thing:
Everybody was once a child.


If anyone were to see my stuffies, watercolors, and risperdal I'd feel terribly judged.

-We Just Make Toys

It's a small but important voice in my head that speaks to me with a child-like sense of awe and curiosity. And when it looks out at everything I've done and everything that I am, it smiles, laughs brightly, and asks "But what are you going to be next?"

-Jim North's Proposal

We both commend your Wondertainment Brand-Loyalty™, and condemn your Wondertainment Cat-Killing-Curiosity™.


Doctorates can be inherited with enough imagination.

-Miss Heir

The Factory


Into a new world the Barons creep,
And as her workers slowly weep,
Fuel is drained from limbs and blood,
Her vision of this world is stained by mud,
Walls built in err of their time,
And bricks wrought of sin and grime.

-Factory Hub

you cooperate you defect you organize you destroy
you use
factory only provides


"We have long awaited for this! The world will be that of producer and consumer and those who refuse will be industrialized. We are to fulfill our destiny and become one with the free market…
Gentlemen, I do declare: The Factory is back in business!"




Survivors claim the floor was engraved with arcane symbols, that were only visible when blood flowed across them… But then again the survivors claimed a lot of things.

We thought we had the Factory tamed. That's one of the reasons I refuse to quit this job. If there's anything I can do here, it's remind people that we will NEVER tame these things.


Staff reminder: Elder Foremen dislike their existence being acknowledged. Doing so may put your employment at risk. Do not risk your employment.

We would like to thank Worker Jesse Lenz for taking the initiative in doing this difficult task. Once his remains are secreted from Elder Foreman Steve Al'uth, we would love to offer him new employment in a management position. Taking initiative like this is exactly the kind of behavior we need in our managers.

During Daniel's interview, SCP Foundation Employee Susan Weiss-Hardoff let her nerves get the better of her and attempted to remove herself from the interview process through the use of a firearm. However, since she was already so far in the hiring process, The Factory kept the wound from negatively impacting her interview.

-Recruitment Drive (R-28126)


-A Shift at The Factory

The Fifth Church


"This church is to other churches what clowns are to people. There are some superficial similarities, but all the wrong things are being emphasized and exaggerated so you can't quite put your finger on what is wrong… Sure, it isn't out to get you, but what does it mean? Why is it there? What happens if it calls to you?"

-GoI Page

You and me
Should take a trip across the galaxy
And feel the breaking waves of our own energy
And everything will come together

What makes them Fifthist? Patterns, signals, magic. The unpossible. A Fifthist concept will slowly transcend reality. When that concept blossoms, it falls, like ripened fruit brother, o’ to be consumed and shat by the lord glowing hands himself. It becomes reality. We see the Fifth world, brother. And we too shall fall, like the the ekpyrotic house before us, and shat as they were.

We got money to raise! Get outta my face! Join me in outer space! Roll that frog footage! Light those candles! Send check or money order to World 390, so that our corpses may bloat and explode, and from that heaping viscera we will rise again as pungent, fungent fumes!

-Fifthist Hub

Did you know that some stars in the sky are dead, but we still see their ancient image?

It’s a blank slot waiting for you to fill it up with your deepest desire until your deepest desire is pushing up into your throat. You will gag on your need. And until you do, it is a resonation space, for you to build your will like organ music in a cathedral.

In your current society, you are encouraged to “be yourself”, as if this is the key to making your desires real. What does that mean? It doesn’t mean anything. You can’t be anyone other than yourself. If you were to be someone else, you would still be “you”, and “you” would be someone who is someone else. There is no getting out from under existence.

Love the archons. When you hate them, they see you.

Stars may die in threes, but worlds die in fives.

But I should ask: does the phrase “A * A *” mean anything to you? It does to me. Make sure to ask your deacon.


"You have all been told, but they do not understand. I called you to be with Me, as I was called to be among the stars. I was never whole until I was broken, and now I am full. Who are you to say that I am not whole?"

-The Broken Fifth

A slumbering King rests dead in the water. Fractured into five pieces, he shuffles through an eternal nightmare; an usurper has claimed his throne. But he is not fully unconscious. The Fifth King has set his sights onto this world, and will burn the earth with an undying flame.


Gamers Against Weed


Sic Semper Cannabis

-The logo

polaricecraps: gay

gaycopmp4: memeloving fucks

bluntfiend: It's something to bring a little light into the world, without anyone getting hurt.

lesbian_gengar: nice try, officer.

-Gamers Against Weed Hub

warysue: she's dead and I'm the Only One trying to do something about it


Look, what to do you want me to say? That it's a symbol of guns making the world worse or something? Not everything has some grand purpose man. It's just something I thought of while smoking.


all my freidns are dead and they;re still lauhging


kkrule: i just want to help bernie win


polaricecraps: I killed a Nazi and I feel dead and I don't know what to do

-Sometimes It's Not Funny

The sculptor sculpted, and I burnt. People like me, I see why you wanna lock us up sometimes. I really fucking do, buddy.


The Global Occult Coalition (GOC)


To those of you who would do harm to humanity, I say this: the Global Occult Coalition stands ready to defend humanity against all foes. Whether it likes it or not.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That this Global Occult Coalition shall be placed under the independent Aegis of the United Nations, and that such an organization shall be provided whatever resources necessary in perpetua, and that said organization shall be given the authority to use any means necessary to maintain the peace.

-GOC Hub

1) You are expendable.
2) You are not disposable.
3) Knowledge is power.
4) Don't question it, just accept it.
5) You are only human.
6) Never work alone.

-Excerpts from PHYSICS Division Field Manual 1: Operative's Handbook

Anyway, it went pitch dark. The Gocks were apparently fully aware of this ability, a fact I mention only as a curiousity what you might mention to your erstwhile colleagues in intel. They had night vision goggles, and seemed to feel they were fully equipped to deal with said skip. I can only speculate based on their screaming that they were not briefed on its vulnerability to silver. So, y'know, some things are universal.

-GOIng My Way

GRU Division "P"


They’re all dead now. If they are to be held to account for their part in this, it is by a judge far grander than any in Washington.

We were young and idealistic. We thought we could win the Cold War ourselves, decapitate the American empire. We thought we could be heroes.


More than twenty million Soviets died in that war - friends, siblings, lovers. Not a soul in Psychotronics, not even the chain of command, was eager to build another weapon so soon.

Perhaps we even caused our own downfall.


She is not state property. She has a name.

"And do you think the Americans understand what powers they meddle with? Do you think they have any inkling of what this 'atom-bomb' can do?"
"I know that one does not make deals with atom-bombs. One certainly does not sacrifice little girls to them."


Comrade Stalin is dead. We have no need to keep Hitler here. No point in wasting bullets on him, he does not die. Just bury him discreetly.


Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting


So come watch the show, come feel the magic! After all, what do you have to lose?

-Herman Fuller Hub

"You don't turn a seven-year-old into a clown over night, you know."


"What, ya think all freaks are just born that way? Body does a lot of growing when young. Just got to help it along a certain path - course, back then you could only make a hunchback. Nah, they deserve more credit. I mean, the Laughing Man, Turtle Boy, hell, the Inside-Out Girl? They was done the old way."


I just am. I mean, you can spend your nights lying awake, wondering about what went wrong, or even if something went wrong at all, but in the end, here I am. And I don't have a body that sticks together the way yours does. So what? I'm alive, I can feel, I can talk, I can sing. I'm fine, unlike most of the people who come to gawk at me.

-Herman Fuller Presents: The Living Head

Now, colleagues of mine may have had less than enjoyable experiences in the freak show, but my ride was smooth as silk. Know why? Because I behaved.

I learned as a boy that it is much better to do what you are told than to go without supper. And I was told that showtime is 7:30 in the evening.


Stay and remain faithful;
Think how I grieve alone here,
And sometimes at the least
Remember me.


A liability? Come on, I'm the best fucking clown breeder ya got and Mr. Fuller knows it.


The Horizon Initiative


When will the Initiative be strong enough? When the pieces of the True Cross are burned to fuel a Fifth ritual? When the Menorah is smelted for gears? When the Kaaba is shattered by heathens?

-Fire on the Horizon

Technically, it wasn’t a Christmas party. It was the “Completely Secular and Non-Denominational Winter Celebration of Fellowship and Goodwill towards Mankind (Please Check Your Attitude and Weapons at the Door)” party.

“I am a Pakistani-born British Muslim who is working alongside a motley array of Christians, Jews, and sundry other faiths to fight the horrific things that lurk in the dark corners of creation.”
“I should think that by now I would have a fine-tuned sense of irony.”

-People Look East

God spoke to humanity in the desert, and just now we are able to piece together His words.


How do you explain to someone that the world is dying, and that only they may save it?

How do we make you understand what is at stake, when the only way you could see is to let everything your organization ever did go for the word of three old men? That is too much to ask even of righteous men, and we are not yet certain you are such.

Help three old men make the world young again. Don't let it die.

-Djoric-Dmatix Proposal

“I, Lono, swear upon my honor and by my power, to uphold this oath with the Horizon Initiative: that I shall raise no hand to harm, nor take any unfair advantage of, mankind. As symbol of this oath, I present to the Horizon Initiative this sweet potato, blessed by my power. May this friendship last until the end of time.”

-Crossing the Streams

“You’re going to destroy the greatest discovery in human history, the tool by which God spoke to man, and on top of all of that murder scores of innocent people, all to preserve the world as you imagine it to be! Are you really so fragile of faith that the first challenge drives you to murder?”

-The Tick Tock Gospel

The Initiative, for all of its missteps and blasphemy, has provided undeniable proof of God's glory. Proof that has to be withheld from the world due to inscrutable agreements with occult forces who do not have salvation in mind.


Manna Charitable Foundation


Overview: Established in 1971 as an interfaith humanitarian relief agency, recovered documents describe the Manna Charitable Foundation's mission as "sharing all of God's miracles with the least of His children". Funded indirectly through associations with various charitable groups and religious organizations, and on occasion publicly endorsed by wealthy philanthropists or academic institutions, the MCF's primary agenda since its founding has been the free distribution of anomalous objects, or their by-products, to civilians living in poverty-stricken regions in the Third World or in areas afflicted by warfare, famine, or natural disaster.

The MCF is currently recognized as a non-governmental organization by the United Nations, and is known to operate legally and illegally in several hostile or isolated regions outside the Foundation's sphere of influence. While no SCP objects known to have been distributed by the MCF to date have caused intentional harm to human beings or communities (and detained MCF operatives tend to demonstrate strong pacifist beliefs), containment breaches associated with the group have often resulted in human casualties or severe threats to the global status quo due to unforeseen consequences of the object's release from containment, and/or a zeal to distribute potentially "helpful" objects immediately without rigorous scientific study of their long-term behavior.

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Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd.


Overview: A “club” based in London, England. Catering to the super-rich and with extensive political and financial ties worldwide, this group has caused extensive problems for the Foundation. Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. is known for collecting rare and obscure items, along with providing its members the most exclusive, expensive, and rare experiences available.

These activities have resulted in conflict with the Foundation on numerous occasions. The group is not known for the use of force; they prefer to apply extreme financial and political pressure to achieve their goals. When forced to use more direct means, Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. employs outside agents, and it is very difficult to connect said agents to the organization.

Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. has caused several SCP containment breaches, primarily through the use of money or social pressure. Several reports, records, and even items have been leaked by Foundation personnel who had been approached with large amounts of money, or threats of extensive jail time or torture. Notably, two containment sites were almost brought to public attention after the Foundation refused access to members of Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd.

Information pertaining to Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd., such as the name of the director or even a list of members, has proven very difficult to acquire. Agents encountering members of this group are advised to maintain a cover story and not, for any reason, reveal Foundation ties or SCP information.

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Overview: Little is currently known about the person, entity, or group known as "Nobody". First sighted in 1954, they have had numerous appearances since. There has only been one person seen at any given time, typically described as a male Caucasian dressed in a grey suit and a fedora. If asked his identity, he replies that he's "Nobody". However, it is not known if this is the work of a single person or multiple agents of a single, unknown agency. Their agenda is currently unknown, sometimes helping the Foundation, sometimes hindering it. Caution is recommended if any field agents encounter an operative identifying themselves as "Nobody".

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Office For The Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts (ORIA)


Overview: The Office For The Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts (ORIA) is a paramilitary force, answerable only to the Supreme Leader of Iran, dedicated to the collection and utilization of anomalous artifacts throughout the Middle East and Central Asia. Following the 1979 overthrow of the Imperial Iranian government by revolutionary forces, and subsequent creation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, all Foundation personnel were expelled from Iran as "agents of colonialism." Attempts at maintaining a clandestine presence in the country met with failure, with the majority of Foundation personnel either captured or killed and Sites ██, ███, and ███ being captured by Iranian forces. To prevent Iran from being left behind in the field of extranormal research, the ORIA was created by a secret decree of Supreme Leader Khomeini in 1981. Despite its name, the group has not limited itself to the pursuit of anomalous objects of Islamic origin.

Although the ORIA has access to considerable resources, its effectiveness is hobbled by infighting among numerous factions within the organization. Some of these disputes center around philosophical differences, such as the weaponization of anomalous objects, while others appear to be personal in nature. The proliferation of factions appears to have been intentional, as the organization of the ORIA often leaves multiple commanders with overlapping areas of responsibility. It is theorized that the reasoning behind this arrangement was to prevent any one individual from accumulating enough power to pose a challenge to the Supreme Leader.

With the spread of Iranian hegemony throughout the Middle East and Western Asia, the ORIA has expanded its reach across the region, becoming the foremost paranormal organization in the Middle East. The ORIA is to be considered a hostile force, and Foundation personnel are advised to use extreme caution when engaging.

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Oneiroi Collective


Overview: Information about the Oneiroi Collective has come to the Foundation only through analysis and interviews or the anomalous objects they leave behind. It is believed to be a collective consciousness of dreaming persons and dream-based entities.

Intelligence has shown that they have been documented by other Groups of Interest, usually to a degree similar to the Foundation's interaction. The Oneiroi Collective is apparently capable of contacting even highly isolated entities (e.g. "Nobody"). Their goals, if any exist, are currently unknown.

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Prometheus Labs, Inc.


Overview: Founded in 1892, Prometheus Labs was dedicated to researching anomalous objects for use in developing new technologies. Over the years, Prometheus Labs developed into a multinational conglomerate selling advanced and anomalous technologies to governments, militaries, and Groups of Interest. Throughout its history, Prometheus Labs displayed a nominal amount of cooperation with Foundation efforts to protect normalcy, and at times even collaborated with the Foundation, but refused to cease its study of anomalies and resisted Foundation oversight.

In 1998, following a long period of financial decline, the Prometheus Labs conglomerate was dissolved, resulting in the creation of numerous successor companies formed from its subsidiaries. The breakup of the conglomerate was fraught with technical and administrative difficulties, resulting in the loss of many products and the layoffs of numerous personnel. Most of the former projects of Prometheus Labs now in containment were recovered during this time, and many of its former employees were hired by the Foundation.

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Sarkic Cults


Overview: Sarkicism is a religious/philosophical system that encompasses a variety of traditions, beliefs, and spiritual practices largely based on teachings attributed to “Grand Karcist Ion”, its deified founder. Adherents practice ritual cannibalism, human sacrifice, corporeal augmentation, thaumaturgy, and dimensional manipulation. Highly secretive, the general public appears to have no direct knowledge of their existence; the one exception being the CotBG, who views them in apocalyptic terms. Organic manipulation has allowed certain Sarkicites to achieve anomalous states of being, transcending the physical limitations of baseline humans. Disease is viewed with reverence and Sarkic shrines have been discovered with offerings of swollen lymph nodes and tumorous growths. Sarkic cults treat contagions as consecration, a means to "cull the weak" and purify the masses, and thus actively seek to ensure their spread.

The Foundation divides known Sarkic cults into two distinct strands: Proto-Sarkic and Neo-Sarkic. Proto-Sarkic cults can be found in insular communities throughout Eurasia's most isolated regions, its followers generally poor (if self-reliant) and hostile towards outsiders. Such groups eschew modernity, display acute technophobia, and are bound by superstition and taboo. In contrast, Neo-Sarkic cults are cosmopolitan, publicly embracing modernity and showing no apparent qualms with technology; their public lives differing little from others of their culture and social status. Adherents are primarily affluent families, rich in history and scandal.

Ultimately, it is believed that the Foundation only knows a fraction of what Sarkicism is and what its followers intend. Based on the available information, the speculated goals of Sarkic cults represent an SK-class dominance shift, including the possibility of an XK-class end-of-the-world scenario.

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The Serpent's Hand


Overview: The Serpent's Hand is a small but formidable organization responsible for several security breaches. At least three different individuals have been encountered, all of whom used possible or confirmed anomalous items for infiltration purposes (including SCP-268, which was stolen from the Foundation, who had in turn recovered it during a raid of a Chaos Insurgency facility). The total number of members belonging to this organization is unknown, as is their level of technology, number of possible SCPs held, or total level of threat. However, it is clear they are highly coordinated and possibly dangerous. One of their leaders is thought to be a figure known as "L.S.", who is considered to be personally responsible for two security breaches in Foundation sites.

The Foundation currently has very little information about the Serpent's Hand, and almost all known information about the Serpent's Hand has been leaked from the GOC intelligence. The group seems to embrace the use and existence of paranormal items, and in particular seems to embrace humanoid and sentient SCPs. The Serpent's Hand has been highly vocal in criticizing the containment and destruction of these SCPs, especially those which are fully human and are not particularly destructive.

The group seems to have unfriendly relations with the Chaos Insurgency and the ORIA, and an extremely hostile relationship with the GOC. The only recorded cases of unprovoked violence by Serpent's Hand members have been against GOC agents.

The Serpent's Hand seems primarily based in an anomalous location called the Wanderers' Library, a building accessed through portals found in many different parts of the world. Direct assaults on the Library have so far proven unfeasible, even when entrance could be found. However, initial intelligence seems to suggest the Hand has little understanding or control over the place.

Attempts to infiltrate the Wanderers' Library are ongoing.

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Unusual Incidents Unit (UIU), Federal Bureau of Investigation


Overview: The Unusual Incidents Unit was formed after the onset of the Cold War, when many aspects of the American Government were focused on utilizing the anomalous and preventing the communists from doing the same. This led to the creation of a special FBI division devoted to rapid response to paranormal events and crimes. Director J. Edgar Hoover was personally involved with their creation.

Although initially given significant funding and resources by the American Government, following the end of the Cold War and the dissolution of enemy organizations such as the GRU-P, the UIU had been in a state of decline for many years.

Disparagingly referred to as "X-Files" and "UIUseless" by the larger anomalous community, the agency is generally well meaning, but due to a lack of financial resources, little manpower, and bureaucratic obstruction by the US Government, it is often perceived as ineffective. The influence of the Foundation and Global Occult Coalition in the United States Government has stopped the UIU and other USGOV entities dealing with anomalous activity, such as US Air Force's 616th Squadron ("Roswell's Revengers") and US Navy SEAL Team Bravo Papa Romeo Delta, from being dissolved entirely.

FBI Agents and Special Agents who join the Unusual Incidents Unit often have backgrounds in psychology, STEM fields, and art studies. As part of the PATRIOT act, agents of the unit are required to be administered Personalized Memetic Silencing Agents (PMSA, colloquially referred to as 'gag orders' by agents of the UIU) to avoid leaks.

The Unusual Incidents Unit has been known to engage in combat alongside and against various anomalous organizations in the past, including participating in several combat operations under Foundation supervision in the 1950s and 1960s, and the "Black Mamba" incident in Afghanistan in 1976, an infamous skirmish between UIU agents and members of GRU-P.

Currently, a division of the Unusual Incidents Unit oversees the autonomous anomalous state of Three Portlands. An example of underfunding and understaffing in the Unusual Incidents Unit can be seen in its sole remaining division in the Midwestern United States.

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Wilson's Wildlife Solutions


Overview: Wilson's Wildlife Solutions is a paranormal publicly funded wildlife service based in Clackamas County, Oregon, specifically in the town of Boring. Although the Foundation has known of Wilson's Wildlife Solutions' existence and anomalous affiliations since 1999, it took nine years until the Ursus Maritimus Incident in 2008, for their existence to be officially recognized and a relationship established between the two groups. Currently the Boring Agreement outlines that Wilson's Wildlife Solutions should be supervised by MTF Beta-4 ("Castaways"), local to Site-64, and that they may handle containment of Safe or Euclid fauna based anomalies with varying degrees of Foundation intervention (on a case to case basis). Amendments to the Boring Agreement can be, and have been, made to account for grey areas or new policies as necessary.

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