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SCP-1149, prior to recovery

Item #: SCP-1149
アイテム番号: SCP-1149

Object Class: Euclid
オブジェクトクラス: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1149 is to be kept in a secure room at the west-most end of Site 37, located in a remote location on the northwest coast in the United States. To minimize the conspicuousness of its effects, SCP-1149 is to be pointed due west toward the Pacific Ocean at all times (see Incident Report 1149-A). It is to be firmly attached to its support structure, which is itself to be anchored to the floor. Accelerometric and atmospheric sensors attached to the support structure will transmit readings to a nearby monitoring center.
特別収容プロトコル: SCP-1149はアメリカの北西海岸の遠隔地にある、サイト-37の最西端にある安全な部屋に保管されます。その影響が目立たないようにするため、SCP-1149は常に太平洋の方向である西を向いています(事件報告1149-A参照)。SCP-1149は床に固定された支持構造にしっかりと取り付けられます。支持構造に取り付けられた加速度センサーと待機センサーは、近くの監視センターに測定値を送信します。

Atmospheric conditions within SCP-1149's containment room are to be kept stable with an air lock permitting entry. A single fan mounted in the wall of the room to the east of SCP-1149 is to be tightly covered and locked in position until it is required for testing. When opened, air speed shall not exceed 30 km/h. Access is restricted to Level 1 personnel with the approval of a superior. All test software and all test equipment must be inspected by at least two Site 37 Technical Review staff members. SCP-1149's wires must be grounded during any test until more information about the object is obtained.

Approval for complete testing of a vertical, upward orientation is currently pending. Testing of a vertical, downward orientation is prohibited at Site 37 due to its close proximity to major fault lines and no site transfers are currently pending at this time.

SCP-1149's rough "cone of effect" has been classified as a conservation area and all non-emergency watercraft and aircraft are disallowed access. Two patrol teams using United States Coast Guard motor lifeboats will monitor the boundaries of the cone of effect for trespassers. Patrols should not pursue trespassers, but should contact researchers in charge of SCP-1149 for further instructions.

Description: SCP-1149 is a rusted weather vane approximately 45 cm long and 30 cm tall bearing no discernible manufacturer's mark or any particularly identifying features aside from the common rooster ornamentation. The base of the vane is corroded and appears to have broken off from its mount sometime prior to recovery.
説明: SCP-1149は長さ約45cm、高さ約30cmの錆びた風見鶏で、製造会社が識別できる目印や一般的な雄鶏の装飾以外の特異な特徴はありません。SCP-1149の基部は腐食しており、修理される前に台から外れてしまったように見えます。

Within the severed mount point, two frayed wires run further up into the vane. Interior imaging shows them terminating just beyond the "feet" of the rooster and reveals no power source or other notable components. The wires are believed to have once connected to a control mechanism.

SCP-1149's anomalous properties appear to always be in effect but are amplified in density and frequency when wind passes over it in the direction in which it is pointing. While active, weather activity will become erratic in the vicinity of SCP-1149. Most of the anomalous effects will occur within a "cone of effect", approximately 215 km long with an arc of 5 degrees, originating from the object's arrow tip. While the frequency of appearance of these effects does taper sharply near the boundaries of this cone, anomalous effects have been observed, on rare occasions, well outside of the cone of effect.

When kept out of the wind, SCP-1149 causes an anomalous weather event to occur within its cone of effect once every 15 minutes on average, with each event typically lasting between 10 seconds and 2 minutes, depending on the intensity of the event. When exposed to air traveling along its length (i.e. west, in its current orientation), the events become more frequent and last longer. When exposed to winds between 25 and 40 km/h, the events will be continuous at the center of the cone of effect, with events stopping and starting randomly near and beyond the borders. Beyond 40 km/h, events will begin to overlap, creating a continuous event growing in intensity until the speed of the wind passing over SCP-1149 decreases below this threshold.

Incident Report 1149-A: The original containment procedures for SCP-1149 had it secured in place pointing directly away from the Earth's surface. It was believed that this orientation would result in the lowest possible magnitude of abnormal weather events. However, the object's effect on upper atmospheric layers was not predicted. In the days following initial containment, a slight yet noticeable increase in "sprite" electrical events and aurora effects was observed over Site 37. The frequency of these otherwise uncommon events was deemed to potentially draw undue attention to Site 37, and SCP-1149's containment procedures were updated for a westward orientation.
事件記録1149-A: SCP-1149の当初の収容プロトコルでは、SCP-1149は地表から直接離れた場所に固定されていました。この方向は、異常気象イベントの規模ができる限り最も低くなると考えられていました。しかし、SCP-1149の上部の大気層への影響は予測されていませんでした。最初の収容から数日後、サイト-37で「スプライト」の電気的イベントとオーロラの影響の僅かですが顕著な増加が観察されました。このままでは、珍しいこれらのイベントの頻度は潜在的にサイト-37に過度の注意を引くと考えられ、SCP-1149の収容プロトコルは西向きに更新されました。

Addendum 1149-1: SCP-1149 was discovered in the ruins of a small coastal cottage in ███████, OR after a strong storm had passed through the area. While the primary storm itself was not strange in and of itself, Foundation agents were dispatched to the area when highly anomalous weather effects were observed over the Pacific Ocean, focused in a rough cone-shape emanating from ███████. Agents were unable to find the owner(s) of the cottage, though evidence suggests that the property had been inhabited until a short time before the cottage's destruction. SCP-1149 was found firmly affixed to the remains of what is assumed to be the interior wall of a shed. A wider search of area was unable to locate SCP-1149's base or any further information regarding SCP-1149's origin or operation.
補遺1149-1: SCP-1149はオレゴン州の███████の沿岸の廃墟となった小さなコテージで、強い嵐が通過した後に発見されました。最初の嵐自体はそれほど奇妙なものではありませんでしたが、極めて異常な気象の影響が太平洋上で観測された時に財団エージェントがその地域に派遣され、███████から発生する大雑把な円錐形に焦点が当てられました。エージェントはコテージの所有者を見つけられませんでしたが、コテージが破壊される少し前までそこに居住していたことを示唆する証拠があります。SCP-1149は小屋の内壁と思われるものの残骸にしっかりと固定されているのが発見されました。より広い範囲を捜索したものの、SCP-1149の台やその起源や作動に関するそれ以上の情報は見つかりませんでした。

Addendum 1149-2: Wind Testing Log All tests were conducted under closed conditions at Site 37. Weather stations took readings from Site 37 itself, as well as from observation vessels located at multiple points along the boundaries of SCP-1149's cone of influence. When high-accuracy readings were required, a geostationary satellite was used. The wires leading into SCP-1149's base were grounded for these tests.
補遺1149-2: 風力検査記録 全ての検査はサイト-37にて閉鎖された状況下で行われました。気象観測所はサイト-37自体、およびSCP-1149の影響の円錐の境界に沿った複数の地点にある観測船から読み取りを行いました。高精度の記録が必要な時は静止衛星を使用しました。SCP-1149の台に通じるワイヤーはこれらの検査のために接地されていました。

Addendum 1149-3: Electrical Testing Log All tests were conducted under closed conditions at Site 37. Weather stations took readings from Site 37 itself, as well as from vessels located at multiple points along the boundaries of SCP-1149's cone of influence. When high-accuracy readings were required, a geostationary satellite was used. SCP-1149 was under 5 km/h wind speeds for each of these tests. The wires leading into SCP-1149's base were connected to varying electrical signals.

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