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Logging into the dreamscape…

ログイン成功:ユーザー名 "WatermelonFollower"として登録されました
Login Successful: Username Registered as "WatermelonFollower"

<WatermelonFollower:> Hey awaktoids, has any sleeper ever noticed a small blip on their brainscale like near the top corner

<Creamytomato:> えっ ああ 見たことはあるけど行ったことはないよ
<Creamytomato:> Oh yeah ive seen that that too but ive never been there

<HotPantsandCheeseStarter:> 俺のクラムシェルは新しいミニ独裁政権だ
<HotPantsandCheeseStarter:> My clamshells is that it is new mini-dictatorrship

<TermBreaker:> 新しいクソ電子音がずっと鳴り続けてるんだ
<TermBreaker:> Frickin new blips-blorps pop up all the time

<MassiveMombo:> 座標はこれか(x' +364.38435, y' +2733.111, z' -36473.133, w' -8)
<MassiveMombo:> are the coords (x' +364.38435, y' +2733.111, z' -36473.133, w' -8)

<WatermelonFollower:> ああ知ってんのか
<WatermelonFollower:> yeah do you know it
I'm going to show you something.
<MassiveMombo:> That, my sun, is the end of the world

<WatermelonFollower:> whyd you say it like that lol you sound pretentious as hell



O̴̝͛̀̊̍͒̿ͤ̚N͕͎͈̗̳͙̓̃̿ͅE̛̯͎̣̳ͪ̊̉̅ͦ͡Ĭ̭̬͖̬͗̒ͥ̌̚̕R͍̤̥̦͛̀ͣ̽̐O̶̬͉͉͙̩̗͂͂̃Ȋ̬̲͎̺̪̖̘̮̉̆̅͒̍͌ͮ ͔̟̫̭͔͗̊͗͗̚W̧̺̝̬͓̤͈̳̱ͨ͜E͉̣̗͇ͩ͑ͧ͒ͣ͗͗Š̙̯̳̲̹̤̖̽̋͠͠T̢̲ͤͨ̎

C̸̸̕͡Ó̴҉͜N̷̴͝N̡̨̧̕É͡C̡҉̀͜T̴͘͢E̡͘͞D̛́̀ ̀͘C͜͜͏O͘͝N̵̛͜͢͞S̕҉̶́͜Ć̨̧͞I̷̵̢͞Ǫ̵̸͞U͡҉̕Ś̢̕͠N͏̶̢͝͠É̷̡̢͡Ś̨͢͏S̛

"終焉の旅へ 共に"
"Let's travel to the end together"

クロウラー: Brainbot | クエリー: ヴァン・リップ| サーチ: OWメイン:ネット
付属フィルター | どう生きて死ぬか: 今抱きしめて | 逃走: 不可能

Zamadenbora is a boundary nexus located in the physical world, but which attains sentience in the Oneiroi through the mindful realm. It is the cumulative consciousness of all living beings in the Catskill Mountains, be they insect, plant, or animal. Every organism in the mountains has its own city, however, the only stable one is located in the dreamspace of Van Rip. One million thanks upon Van Rip for his creation lest we be tossed into the next world. The result of this is that Zamadenbora is incomprehensibly large with the end forever in mystery.

Mapping Zamendenbora is extremely challenging because the landscape is constantly shifting and changing due to the fragile nature of the physical world. The only stable land in Zamendenbora is the de facto capital of Asisiteer Mij. Every moment an insect is born or a sapling emerges from the ground, another country is born. Their will manifested by "Nature" and sent two worlds beyond. Sent once to the Oneiroi, then again into the maw of Zamadenbora (blessed be thy name).

According to records in the Wesleyan Library of the OW, our king, Van Rip, founded the waystation of Asisiteer Mij in 1819. There are no requirements for access to Asisiteer Mij, but it is recommended that this be your final destination.

The city’s total land area is 314.1592 km² in diameter and the terrain is that of a temperate rainforest. The only season in Asisiteer Mij is spring and the sun and moon cycle every 24 hours, however, the climate and sky exist for only aesthetic purposes.

At the end of 365 cycles, the ruler of the area, Van Rip the Magnificent, cuts one blade of grass. When every blade of grass has been cut in all of Asisiteer Mij, one day has passed. That is how the residents of Zamadenbora track time.

To call Asisiteer Mij "a city" would be a farce. For it is simply a traveling point to the greater calling of Zamendenbora. When the life of an Oneiroi fantasist comes to its zenith, there is still one place left to go, one last beast to traverse, a final land for the dreamers to dream about.

Unlike other dreamscapes, there is no time for those who come here. Time is not “coded” into the structure of Zamendenbora. It passes in what seems like infinitesimally small amounts. This is the final resting stop for those who call themselves “travelers.”

Zamendenbora is a land of freedom (in laymen's terms it is a strict extreme science fiction-verse). You can be who you want to be, but only once is a change allowed. This is the only law. Dreamers have tried to change their appearance more than once, but these attempts have granted them the final rest.

Not even Van Rip knows who controls Zamendenbora. Many assume that it is the collective bestowal of nature, transferring their undying will. The cities of the Catskill are irrational and nonsensical in both content and area.

There is, fortunately, no way to leave Zamendenbora. When you arrive in Zamendenbora you will find yourself in Asisiteer Mij and on all sides of Asisiteer Mij is the infinite landscape of the beasts. Communication outside of Zamendenbora is erratic at best and errors are frequent. It is assumed that the lands are so vast that they distort messages sent to and fro. Yet such as all endeavors into the workings of the Great Unknown, Zamadenbora, we have yet to find an answer.

Bless those who come, for they can go nowhere else.


Witness the Edge of Infinity, Asisiteer Mij

De Facto Capital
Asisiteer Mij

Largest City

Official Languages

Ethnic Groups (2023):
86.1% Noncon
12.7% Free Consciousness
1.2% Corporeal

Those whose dreams are ending

Anarchy (Mag͠o͢c̶͠r̸͢͏á͢cy p͜e͏r̛hap҉s?̴̵͢)

Time Economy:
1 Zamendenboran Year ≈ 5.7978216e+45 Earth Years (estimated)


Human Population:

An Infinite Spiral Betwixt Two Infinite Curves


Privilege Status:
Extraordinary (a Yin-Yang of Extra and Ordinary)

Immigration Status:
T͜h̴i͜͝s̡̕ ̵̶͡Ì͟͝s̛ O͘͡͠n̶͜l̨y͏̴͢ ̨̛T͞hè ̨Fi̵̢rs̛̀͢ţ ̀͢͠

Emmigration Status:
Not Possible

They loved the land.

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…There are very few reasons why dreamers come to Zamadenbora. I came because I was dying. There was a revolt in one of Xiupania’s derivative cities and I was assigned to go as a journalist. During one of the battles, a Nightmare jumped onto my vessel and slashed my throat (it most likely thought I was a defector). I tried to cry out but there was no voice. I was afraid of death… it's too similar to reality. And isn’t escaping reality why we let the Oneiroi embrace us?

I fell to my knees and I opened my dreamscape map and looked at my meager accomplishments. And then I saw it. A small dot at the edge of the map, sturdy in its construction.

I never realized it was there until now. Something came over me, and I decided: "Why the hell not? I'm dead anyway." I jacked out of the battlefield and using a lightspeed beacon I jumped into the country, blood spilling out the whole way. I manifested at the top of Majinester Hill.

That was over 1,623 Earth years ago. And my neck still hangs a little outside my body. The blood is still flowing but so slow that it has never moved.

It is very hard to describe what Zamadenbora actually is. All we know comes from the first resident Van Rip and he dislikes talking. I hypothesize that he is the incarnation of the "Earth" or something of the sort. He actions are, remarkably, not like that of a "normal human." But I digress. After exploring the small station at the front of this world, Asisiteer Mij, I was set aback at Zamadenbora's magnanimity. Later, I set up an information desk near the center to try to explain what little available we know of this place. Now I am the oldest person residing in the this land (besides Van Rip of course).

My predecessors and my mentor, Alparslan Nicolaou, all left to explore and find the limits of Zamadenbora, but from what we gathered from information left behind there most likely is no end. Even if there is one, how could we find it? The geography of this land changes every day. I actually think that something in the air of Zamadenbora stops us from going mad, how else can I be sane after staying in the same place for millennia!

But what’s most interesting is that no one is upset. Of course, many attempts to escape or jack out of the Oneiroi but to what end? Is this not the goal of all dreamers? They left reality behind; the next step is to leave Oneiroi behind.

We exist in the next dream “level” and it was written down 456,412 years ago that Van Rip was the creator of this place. I've been watching and analyzing him for the past 340 years but have found nothing yet. How far can we travel down this rabbit hole of dreams and what will we find at the end?
They tried to study the land.
I am the last of my generation of dreamers who still hold onto the past with Asisiteer Mij. I believe that you were never meant to stay here long and I think my time is up. Soon I will become a traveler again and find the limit of Zamadenbora. Maybe then I can find out the true reason for this heaven.

A whole universe, ripe for exploring, all waiting to be unlocked…

Log Date: Earth Year 9,634,132 B.C.

The Universe Is In Our Grasp, Yet We Stay Here
Free and Waiting to be Read
“I read this book and it convinced me to leave Asisiteer Mij. I hope I don’t become as crazy as this guy yikes!!!”
“Don’t forget that when you live a million lifetimes you die a million deaths. To bad my deaths are all from chugging to0oo much Hi-C
“Van Rip is like a billion years old and he still is happy when we bring him some drinks. I feel like this book makes him seem too much like a mystery. Get him drunk or high and he’ll talk lol.”
“This mosquito’s dream world is really damn weird, I didn’t know that they could be so into body pillows of flowers, maybe I'll pick one up…”
“For future readers, to clear something up, Zamadenbora is widely known nowadays, this was written long ago when it was still rather unknown."
"I've been listening to nightcore for the past 150 years and I still can't forget this trashy book"
"My one body switch and I used it to make myself a pony, was that dumb?"
"So I guess we are not reviewing the book anymore and just saying random dumb sh** right"
"Sounds about right"
"I was going through the country located in a tree and you won't even believe what I saw, it was a massive don…"

Zamadenboran Millisecondly1

Theory Emerges On How to Leave Zamadenbora

Exodus Begins as Millions Sign up for Next Excursion

Sa Koon, head of the Happiness League, has claimed that he received a letter from the east barrier of Asisiteer Mij. Nearly three million residents have left the traveling station of Mij due to the new information, intent on following the letter and leaving Zamadenbora. Escaping this level of reality is our dream and now it might be fulfilled.

Wicked residents of Zamadenbora have renounced the letter as fake calling forward the accounts of the most insane resident of Zamadenbora, Van Rip, who͘ h͠a͝s͟ no̸ted҉ in th̴e p͘àst ͟tha̶t ̛not a ̸s͟i̶ngl̨e̸ p̢e̡rs̶ón͠ ͏o̴r m̧e̸ssa̕ge͜ ̕has ̧e̶v̷e͢r̛ ̀re̡turn̷e͜d i҉n̛ ̧the near͜ly̶ t͏h͞irt͠y-͞s̵ix ͜t͝r̴ill҉i̧o͟n̶ ye͜ars̨ o͘f A҉s̴isi͜t͟eèr Mij's̨ e̴x̵istence.̀ But we know they lie. They are feeble followers of Van Rip the Accursed, how can any sane man follow him?

In accordance with this new discovery, Clamshells United has decided to make another excursion. Past excursions have all ended in failure, but there is a renewed hope that with this map we can all finally escape this hell.

They hated the land.
In case you are a new resident of our shared hell, Zamadenbora, then you may not know what the excursions are. Excursions were proposed by a short-term resident, J.C. Randall, in Earth Year AD 1368. He hypothesized that the destruction of the protoverse that exists within Zamadenbora will allow us to find an exit.

928 excursions have occurred with them all ending in failure as it seems that the will of "Nature" becomes unhappy when we attempt to start a crusade against it.

But I have hope, as the writer of this newspaper, that the next excursion will lead us to an exit.

Pictured below is a partial view of the Map found by the Happiness League


Even an Awaktoid can read this map. We won't baby you!

We plan on annihilating the cities highlighted in red. Behind one of them may be the key to freedom.

Chant it aloud residents! Chant it so even the accursed demon, Van Rip, can hear!

D̶͙͆T̷̜̃̍̿̈́Ä̴̢̼͙̯͖̘͉́͆̍̾͌È̸͙͕͇͌̏̓̔͗H̴̹̩̽̇̒́̇̍ ̸͚̓͝T̸̡͙͎̫̤̖̎͊̀̓̏͘Ơ̷͉̲̠̖̞̑͛̐ ̵̝̔̔̀͌Z̸̻͖̹̮̫̓͜Ạ̵̧̮̺̄̋́̎͛͐͆͘͠M̴̧̳̫͔̋̌̈́̽̕B̵̥̌̆̅̕N̶̦̮͖̊̓̔̀́̓É̶̦̪̱͙̳̘̝̖͌̅͊ͅD̵̨͉̪̪̙̮̯͋̆̓̌͝Ȧ̷̪̇́̍Ö̸̝͔̺̮͉̟͍͇̰̂͆͂̚R̷̙̪͋̏̍Ạ̶̮͙̺̝̑


#outoftheloop whats the view on Van Rip today, killer or savior?
*eyes rolling*

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7:59AM - 23 March 1999

By Order From the Department of Dreaming

The following information is related to Project Helios

This document may only be seen by members of MTF Omicron Rho and Level 4/5 Employees

Abbreviated Analysis of Oneiroi Area 91: "Zamadenbora" Intended for Field Work

Exploration Team: MTF Omicron Rho Division 45

Area Name: "Zamadenbora"

Exact Coordinates: (x' +364.38435, y' +2733.111, z' -36473.133, w' -8)2

Team Lead For This Area: Issac Nesterov

Team Member Requirements: Must have over 2,500 years of dream-space field work. Must be able to use tier XVIII trans-dimensional kinetoglyphs for communication.

Description: Zamadenbora is an infinitely recursive sub-domain located in the standard Oneiroi dreamscape map. There are multiple paths of entry but the most common being when the abstract concept of "Nature's Will" decides that a particular individual should enter.

Its physical location responds to the general area of the Catskill Mountains. There is an incalculable amount of cities in Zamadenbora due to the fact that all life in the Catskill Mountains acts a host for its own distinct country.

Tests have shown that when a dreamer is in a state of extreme despair or near death, they will become hyper-aware of the location. However, any individual may travel to Zamadenbora anytime.
They misunderstood the land.
Travel is not recommended as no escape method is currently known.

Points of Interest: The assumed originator of Asisiteer Mij, Van Jeut, is h́y̢po̸thesįz̸e͢d to have a higher role in the Oneiroi hierarchy than previously thought. While most likely not being the "avatar" of Nature that some suggest, his bizarre methods of existence are curious. Further research required regarding this POI and his relation to Zamadenbora and the wider Oneiroi Collective.

Agents are recommended to avoid entry during normal circumstances.

HememememeMeat - Former OW General of Meat Packing - North Side of Asisiteer Mij

Is anyone left out here? I know most people joined the last excursion or went traveling in the Not-so-great unknown? I'm kind of bored right now…

Upvote Reply ·+1 · March 2, 2011 7:35am

BreathingAccords "Air is Free"

I thought I was the last one here lol besides that o̸̕͘ĺ̷̢̢d̢̨ ̶̶̨͞m̶̶̧a̢̧ǹ̶͘͞. Where are you? The south side has been empty for the last like 4,000 years.

Upvote Reply ·+1 · Sept 12, 2019 9:00pm

HememememeMeat - Former OW General of Meat Packing - North Side of Asisiteer Mij

chillll, nice ill come towards you. btw why did you come here. My dreamscape was hacked and my non-con self was forced to come
They overlooked the land.
Upvote Reply ·+1 · Jan 1, 2045 7:56pm

BreathingAccords "Air is Free"

I was scared of death. My corp self was aging too fast for me so and I heard this place was the final stop like a "live forever" kind of place, I wasn't wrong lmao

Upvote Reply ·+1 · March 1, 2124 10:33pm

HememememeMeat - Former OW General of Meat Packing - North Side of Asisiteer Mij

That's tru fam… Ive been meaning to ask, what do you want to when we meet up.

Upvote Reply ·+1 · Jul 8, 3763 11:15am

BreathingAccords "Air is Free"

There is only one thing to do, wanna leave this place?

Upvote Reply ·+1 · Jul 8, 8654 11:15am

HememememeMeat - Former OW General of Meat Packing - North Side of Asisiteer Mij

Let's jump into the abyss together ;)

Upvote Reply ·+1 · Jun 11, 9999 12:13am

Winkle, why did you show me all these?

So you can understand what the dreams of animals and plants are capable of.

Now, Redd, imagine what your dreams can do.