SCP-1956のうちの5個体。エージェント スコット・ラドキー1により撮影。


注目のSCP一覧(SCP-EN)-Ⅱ - 101~200

This archive displays the second listing of 100 SCP articles that have been featured on the site's front page.このアーカイブはサイトトップページで特集された100のSCPの一覧(2つめ)です。

121. SCP-2197 (by Doc MacGillicuttie): Shop Class

  • If an individual expresses interest in an item, SCP-2197-1 will speak highly of the effort involved in its manufacture and the good character of its maker, often remarking that “he tried his best.”

SCP-K2-JP-J - pͪoͣnͬpͣoͥnͭpͣa͡inͥ

アイテ厶番号: SCP-K2-JP-J

オブジェクトクラス: Keter Apollyon Uncontained

特別収容プロトコル: 頑張って我慢する、あと下痢止め飲む 無意味。もう我慢できない! やめろ! 収まれ! ああ出るな出るな出るな! 今は会議中だぞ! やめろ! やめて! お願いだ! ああ! 漏れる漏れる漏れる漏れる漏れr



もう二度とこのような失態を起こさないようにせねばならない。スッゲエ恥ずかしかったし後処理メッチャ面倒かった — O5-█

そんでまたやるんだろ? もう今月2回目だぜ - 05-K、この"K"は"Ketsu"ケツ、そしてK-クラスシナリオの意。

タグ: unclassed scp-jp joke 未収容 05 k-クラスシナリオ

SCP-4927 - Have a Nice Flight (いいフライトを)

評価: 0+x

Item #: SCP-4927

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Any civilians who are near a SCP-4927 manifestation will be amnestized and brought to the nearest population center. If the amnestization fails, the cover story "Foggy Nights" will be enacted.


Description: SCP-4927 is a phenomenon that occurs between 2:00 AM and 4:00 AM in derelict airports and those with less than 100 annual flights. SCP-4927 begins with the appearance of fog, followed by the landing of a commercial aircraft, designated as SCP-4927-1. SCP-4927-1 instances are discontinued models manufactured between 1945 and 1990.


Upon landing, SCP-4927-1 will open its gate, disembarking passengers and staff (SCP-4927-2 and SCP-4927-3 respectively). SCP-4927-2 instances are dressed in clothing typical of 1945 to 1990. SCP-4927-3 are airport employees. Currently, only security guards and exit door employees have been seen. An SCP-4927-3 instance will always inform that SCP-4927-1 has made a stop in a flight towards notable population centers.

The second effect is activated when an individual observes SCP-4927 at a distance of less than 10 meters. The subject will feel a slight compulsion to board, and after speaking with an SCP-4927-3 instance, will board onto SCP-4927-1. Note that in none of SCP-4927 manifestations a ticket has been required.

Any attempt to thoroughly inspect or enter SCP-4927-1 will result in the expulsion of the individuals involved by SCP-4927-3 and prohibition of boarding SCP-4927-1 in future manifestations.

When SCP-4927-2 instances, along with the affected subject, board SCP-4927-1, the gate will close from the inside and then SCP-4927-1 will take off, thus concluding a SCP-4927 event. From this point on, the subject cannot be contacted.

Within 2 to 20 hours, the subject will reappear at the airport located in the population center mentioned by the SCP-4927-3 instance2.

Interview Log:

Interviewee: D-18457

Interviewer: Dr. Borja Dowell

Foreword: On 08/09/2012, SCP-4927 manifested in the Castellón–Costa Azahar Airport. D-18457 was instructed to board SCP-4927-1 and report any relevant aspects. This is the first time a subject boards SCP-4927-1.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Dowell: Greetings, D-18457. Since we were unable to contact you, you may be able to tell us what you saw.

D-18457: I couldn't contact you because there was no signal on the plane. In fact I didn't see anyone with cell phones and the only phone I saw had a wheel and a cable.

Dr. Dowell: Noted. Did you peek into the windows?

D-18457: Yeah, but they were all lowered and I couldn't see anything. I raised one and just fog. You couldn't even see the water or the lights from the cities.

Dr. Dowell: Alright. Did you notice anything strange in SCP-4927-3 instances?

D-18457: Not really. They served me well and had a smile and a voice that made you feel like you were in heaven. Aside from some good boo-

Dr. Dowell: Focus on the subject, please.

D-18457: Okay.

Dr. Dowell: Were you able to interact with any SCP-4927-2 instances?

D-18457: Yeah. There was a Chinese or Korean man dressed as a soldier, talking about a war in Korea and that he was not man enough. I suppose it would be South Korea. Another one looked like a hippie who was giving up LSD because he said that he saw terrifying birds. I didn't pay much attention to him. The last person who listened to me was a lady in her 40s. She just told me she was doing this for her kids.

Dr. Dowell: Did you notice anything unusual about the rest of the voyage?

D-18457: Two things. One was that the plane barely made any noise and didn't seem to move. And the other one was that most of them were scared stiff and you could hear the stewardesses singing for an hour or so from the speakers. It was the best thing I ever heard in my life, and I only like listening to metal. Such a pity that the flight lasted so little.

Dr. Dowell: Thank you for your cooperation, D-18457.

<End Log>

Addendum: On 14/5/2015, SCP-4927 manifested in the Manston Airport. D-4657 was instructed to board SCP-4927-1 and report any relevant aspects. After reporting the relevant aspects, D-4657 said that he saw a SCP-4927-2 instance resembling his father.

D-4657's father had died in an aviation incident on 22/9/1988.



評価: 0+x

アイテム番号: SCP-XXX-JP

オブジェクトクラス: Safe/Euclid/Keter (適切なクラスを選んでください)

特別収容プロトコル: [SCPオブジェクトの管理方法に関する記述]

説明: SCP-XXX-JPはサイト-45の北西63㎞に位置する旧ユートピアン・ビルを中心として、その半径42㎞の領域の地下に存在する大規模な人工通路です。SCP-XXX-JPは主に銅板から構築されており、複雑に入り組んだ構造を有します。

SCP-XXX-JPの壁面には言語タイプA-12 ("旧き天使") による多数の文章が刻まれています (補遺.XXX-JP.2参照) 。これらの文章は仮定事象XXX-JPの際にSCP-XXX-JP-Aによって書かれたものであると思われます。



タイプα: 鼻部が欠損しており、胸から腹にかけて切断され一部内臓器官が露出しています。傷痕からは常にゆったりと、オイルに似た液体が発生しています。

タイプβ: 毛が抜け落ち、全身のメラニンが欠損しています。眼球が存在しておらず、眼窩からは常にゆったりと、黒色のインクが発生しています。

タイプγ: その他の個体が含まれており、これらの個体も何らかの形で損傷を受けています。


補遺.XXX-JP.1: 発見経緯

評価: 0+x

アイテム番号: SCP-3584

オブジェクトクラス: Euclid

特別収容プロトコル: SCP-3584 instances are kept in a specialized greenhouse in Site-892 with windows only on the roof, and watered as appropriate. Direct images of SCP-3584 are only to be viewed by already-affected personnel.

説明: SCP-3584 is a patch of anomalously tall (25-35 m) dandelions (Taraxacum officinale).
SCP-3584は異常な高さ (25-35m) を持つタンポポ (Taraxacum officinale) のパッチ3です。

SCP-3584 instances are a potent cognitohazard: subjects who view SCP-3584 or images of it begin to perceive all plants as mechanical constructs over the course of several weeks, beginning with SCP-3584 itself, and gradually progressing to the rest of the plant kingdom. For example, affected subjects report seeing pipes and wires in place of roots, corrugated metal sheets in place of bark, and crude solar panels for leaves.

Due to SCP-3584's anomaly, all images and scans of them are perceived as being of an aluminum and steel dandelion-shaped machine. Samples taken by blindfolded personnel and analyzed by researchers unaware of SCP-3584 show it to be genetically identical to ordinary dandelions.

Two to four months after initial exposure, subjects' perception of plants is further corrupted to include all other senses. Affected D-class instructed to cut open SCP-3584 stalks require the use of welding tools. Subjects at this stage nearly always switch to an all-meat diet and avoid plant-sourced fabrics like cotton or hemp.

Subjects who continue to consume plants following exposure eventually die of metal poisoning or internal bleeding. Autopsies by both affected and unaffected researchers reveal the presence of small metal root-like wires growing in the subject's body.

Addendum: A large section of forest 2 km from Site-892 became filled with dandelions and suddenly collapsed, while several SCP-3584 stalks simultaneously withered and fell. SCP-3584-affected personnel were sent out alongside field recon teams for research purposes.

A sinkhole approximately 200 meters wide had opened, and was filled with dandelion flowers and pine tree trunks. Large amounts of smoke emanated from the hole with no visible source. Field agents found no evidence of either geological activity that would lead to sinkholes, nor gravitational, spatial or botanical anomalies other than an abnormally high density of roots.

SCP-3584-affected personnel present reported viewing the fallen tree trunks as large smokestacks and cooling towers, and the roots as pipes and tubes extending far underground.

非公式支部のSCP一覧 改訂案

第一版: 非公式支部のSCP一覧:モックアップ
第二版: 今回の注意内容を踏まえた改訂案



int.png SCP-INT (英語:国際共著)4


tw.png SCP-HK (繁体字中国語)

vn.png SCP-VN (ベトナム語)

nd.png SCP-ND (北欧諸言語)5

gr.png SCP-GR (ギリシャ語)

cy.png SCP-CY (ウェールズ語)

cz.png SCP-CS (チェコ語)

  • SCP-001-CZ - 機密解除待ち[アクセス禁止]


Anomalousアイテム記録 - SCPではないものの、いくつかの点では異常なオブジェクトのためのカテゴリです。自由に追加できますが、定期的に不必要な内容が削除されることに注意してください。

  • [N/A]

超常現象記録 - 未解明ではあるものの、財団が収容するにはあまりに短い期間であったか、急速に発生した出来事のためのカテゴリです。自由に追加できますが、定期的に不必要な内容が削除されることに注意してください。

  • [N/A]


要注意団体 - SCPを取り扱う組織は財団だけではありません。中には人類に甚大な被害をもたらすようなSCPを生み出す組織も存在するため、財団は24時間体制でのそれらの組織の動向を監視し続けています。

  • [N/A]


  • [N/A]


このリストは基本的にBranch and Project List(O5 Command-INT)の内容に基づきます。非公式支部の定義についてはこちら(リンク先英語)を参照してください。




  • SCP-INT: 国際翻訳アーカイブ6
  • SCP-UN: 少数言語インキュベータ7

SCP-1565 - Martian Turtles/火星のカメたち
SCP-3584 - Mechanical(?) Dandelion Garden/機会仕掛け(?)のタンポポ庭園
SCP-4344 - Kick Asteroid/アステロイドを蹴り飛ばせ





The Authority deals with a large variety of dangerous objects, entities, and environments. Listed below are some of the most common hazards that Authority personnel encounter.

Aggression Hazard: Entity shows hostility towards staff or humans in general.
Animated Hazard: Anomaly shows the ability of free movement. This can only be used if the Anomaly is not alive.
Aquatic Hazard: Anomaly affects water or is related to water.
Climatological Hazard: Object can affect the weather.
Ecological Hazard: Object is hazardous to the workings of the biosphere.
Extra-terrestrial Hazard: Refers to objects outside of earth in location or origin.
Geological Hazard: Object can alter topology.
Grouped Hazard: Object operates within a group of similar anomalies.
Ballistic Hazard: Object has ranged capabilities.
Mechanical Hazard: An object that is a machine, this includes electrical and traditional machines.
Organic Hazard: Anomaly is organic in nature.
Regenerative Hazard: Object shows regenerative abilities.
Sapient Hazard: Denotes an entity capable of high-level thinking and reasoning.
Self-Replicating Hazard: Object can construct more of itself.
Sentient Hazard: Denotes an entity capable of feeling base-level emotions and demonstrating awareness of its surroundings.
Transmutation Hazard: Object can change in form or change the forms of other objects.





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ディアの最も古くからある学舎、Knorr Hall。(?)

Founded in 1948 in southeast Three Portlands, Deer College is a coeducational liberal arts and sciences college. Renowned for its groundbreaking integration of occult studies into a liberal arts curriculum, Deer is known for its high standards of magical practice, creative thinking, and engaged multiversal citizenship.

Deer students pursue the Bachelor of Arts degree in over 40 majors and concentrations. The curriculum includes a year-long occultism course, broad distribution requirements, and a senior thesis; each student constructs their own program of study by pairing a traditional major with a concentration in an occult field, or chooses from a number of established interdisciplinary majors. A 9:1 student-faculty ratio and small conference-style classes allow faculty members to truly mentor students and engage with them in individual discussions.