SCP-1694 - The Ghosts of Venus / 金星の幽霊    AstronautJoe
euclid extraterrestrial hostile planet scp self-replicating

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アイテム番号: SCP-1694

オブジェクトクラス: Euclid



特別収容プロトコル: SCP-1694実例および関連する実体群は現在、金星の大気中および地表面に存在するため、本格的な収容は現時点では不可能です。SCP-1694異常の発展と進化を阻止、もしくは少なくとも妨害するために、機械的または電子的な素材を金星の大気中や地表面に配置することは禁止されます。SCP-1694は生きているか否かに関係なく、あらゆる有機物に対して激しい敵対的反応を示すため、有機物の展開も同様に禁止されます。NASAとESAに潜入しているエージェントは、金星の大気中または地表面の探索を目的とする計画予定を、有人か無人かに関わらず阻止・妨害・サボタージュするように指示されています。

説明: SCP-1694実例は、不明な時期に未知の存在によって金星の地表面に展開されていた地球外ナノテクノロジー装置の残留物です。SCP-1694の効果は任意の有機的な素材、または技術的に進歩した素材が金星の大気中に入るか、もしくは地表面に着陸すると発現します。個々のSCP-1694実例は全長およそ2mmのマイクロロボット構造であり、自己複製・自己改良・地質学的/有機的供給源からの迅速な資源抽出が可能です。SCP-1694実例は約5000億~1兆個が大気中・地表面に均等に分布しています。

On encountering any flesh-like organic matter, cases of SCP-1694 will rapidly shred the object and quickly reassemble the matter at a cellular level into an interconnected mass of various durable appendages and sophisticated organs. Through unknown means, cells from multiple sources can be made to function together, and even dead tissue or matter can be reconstructed and repaired.

Due to the fact that SCP-1694 targets biological tissue, it is hypothesised that Venus once contained an ecosystem, native or otherwise, that was ‘harvested’ by an exterior intelligence for the production of simple worker or warrior drones; or possibly Venus was host to an advanced civilization that descended into a nanotechnological war of mutually assured destruction. Due to the aggressive resource extraction of SCP-1694, no traces of civilization or life would now remain. It is additionally theorized that this resource extraction created the large quantities of greenhouse gases responsible for Venus’s present, superheated, state, which by extention boiled off any and all water on the surface and killed any organic matter SCP-1694 had not already destroyed. Although these theories cannot be verified, they go some way to explaining SCP-1694's deployment, as in the absence of biological matter the SCP-1694 entities serve no purpose.

Due to the lack of technological constructions for the inhabitation of entities created by SCP-1694, SCP-1694 has proceeded to cannibalize and enhance man-made exploration probes with biological appendages, most notably the Soviet Venera –class probes. Venera 12 was among the first successful man-made object to land on Venus, functioning for three hours before shutting down due to the extreme heat of the Venus surface. The success lead to the deployment of five further Venera series probes. However, in 1984 the Soviet controllers were alarmed to receive radio signals emanating from Venera 12, henceforth SCP-1694-A, which was now, inexplicably, fully functional. The Venera project passed into Foundation hands and probes were dispatched to investigate the current status of SCP-1694-A and all other man-made objects currently occupying Venus.


Probe Iota’s final transmission of an unknown SCP-1694 entity.

It is unknown how SCP-1694 acquired the biological matter needed to create the SCP-1694-A entity. It has been hypothesised that a portion of the original Venusian ecosystem is being preserved by SCP-1694, and harvested as required.

Original Article: SCP-922-JP "動物のお引越し"
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Author: me_te_de_kome_te_de_ko
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