SCP-040-JP - ねこですよろしくおねがいします (DON'T IGNORE. CAT IS IN HERE.)

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Appearance of SCP-040-JP, previous to be contained.

Item #: SCP-040-JP

Object class: Safe

Special Contain Procedure: SCP-040-JP is contained on the inside of the containment building, which was erected so as to cover the SCP-040-JP. Containment building is the jurisdiction of Site-8120. Please don't visually perceive inside the SCP-040-JP when entering the containment building. If need to look inside the SCP-040-JP, please check through the camera. Only when you need to look directly for experiments, investigations or survey, please let visually recognized by the D class staff. Don't communication with staff exposed to SCP-040-JP, please keep only to send a command unilaterally.

Description: SCP-040-JP is a well house located in the old ██ village of the ██ prefecture. The well house is a wooden buildings of about width 5m, depth 4m. In middle of the well house, there is a stone well that is estimated to be built in the old age and is continues straight under the ground. It is abnormally deep. Even with a survey using exploration drone, we could not identify how long this continued.

In the past the well house was securely locked with some iron chains and a padlocks. However, they were already broken due to aged deterioration, at the time of discovery.

【WARNING:After the incident 040-JP-001 occurred in 1999, access to the following sentence is prohibited without anti-meme precaution.Assigned personnel, Please be sure to inoculate the protocol253-"柳煤(Yanagisusu, Willow soot)" on the sector-8120-煤(Susu, soot).】


Incident report040-JP-001:██/██/19██, Large-scale meme disaster(The cause is estimated to be this report.) occurred at the site -8120. It is determined that the staff who wrote the report and the staff who accepted were exposed to the meme of SCP - 040 - JP at the time the report was submitted. Amnestic or terminate was done to the exposed staff. In response to this, we decided to oblige to carry out the anti-mime procedure1 at the time of submitting the report.