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Conger アナゴ

Item #: SCP-Shrimp-JP-J

Object Class: Sake

特別漁業プロトコル: 現在、SCP-エビ-JP-Jが生息している海域は協定によりSFZ1に指定され、当該範囲内には財団の戦艦2隻、並びにスクラブトン現実錨を装着した巡視船"スカルプ"の常駐が義務付けられています。財団関係者以外のSCP-エビ-JP-Jの捕獲が確認された場合、SCPF"デビルフィッシュ"、並びに"クラーケン"による警告の後、警告を無視する場合は砲撃による威嚇が許可されます。その段階で当該人物らが警告に従った場合、記憶処理の後に解放してください。それでもなお警告に従わない場合は、砲撃による轟沈が許可されます。

Special Fishery Procedures: Currently, the sea area inhabited by SCP-Shrimp-JP-J instances are designated as an SFZ2 under the agreement. Two Foundation battleships and Patrol Ship Scallp equipped with a Scrabton Seality Anchor are obligated to be placed within the range. In case of SCP-Shrimp-JP-J instances being captured by non-Foundation personnel, SCPF Devilfish and Kraken give out an alert to the subject in concern, and artillery fires will be allowed against any non-compliant subject. Subjects compliant at this point are to be given amnestics and then released. It is permitted to fire and destroy any non-compliant subjects at this point.


When SCP-Shrimp-JP-J's seality-bending effects are observed, a Scrabton Seality Anchor must be sunk within the influence range to stabilize the Urchume3 value in the adjacent area.


In addition, SCP-Shrimp-JP-J captured by Foundation staff is to be used as ingredients at the Foundation's cafeteria.

説明: SCP-エビ-JP-Jは一種の現実海変能力を有するタラバガニ(Paralithodes camtschaticus)です。通常のタラバガニとは相違する点として、SCP-エビ-JP-Jはマリアナ海溝を始めとしたマリアナ諸島周辺に生息している点、並びに身体的特徴として親爪が通常のタラバガニの2倍以上に肥大化している点が挙げられます。ただし、現在までに当該オブジェクトは太平洋の一部、並びに日本海の一部でも存在が確認されている事に留意してください。

Description: SCP-Shrimp-JP-J is a designation for red king crabs4 (Paralithodes camtschaticus) which has a kind of seality-benthos ability. Unlike ordinary red king crabs, SCP-Shrimp-JP-J instances live around the Mariana Islands including the Mariana Trench, and as a physical characteristic, their claws are more than twice as long as normal ones. However, note that these anomalies have been confirmed to exist in part of the Pacific Ocean and also part of the Sea of ​​Japan.


During the spawning period, female instances of SCP-Shrimp-JP-J excavate the ground using their claws and stop at a depth of about 3 meters. After that, the instances start seality-bending event above the circle of radius about 50 centimeters centering them. With this event, SCP-Shrimp-JP-J causes luminescence phenomenon. It is speculated that this phenomenon may be an action to lure other creatures.


In this event, the Urchume value of the creatures within the range rises increasingly, and all creatures within or entering the range are transformed to male instances of SCP-Shrimp-JP-J. However, this modification is a reversible, and stabilizing the Urchume value of the creatures again by a Scrabton Seality Anchor restores them to the original state.


Of note, SCP-Shrimp-JP-J is significantly palatable, and investigation reveals that punches increase umami components including glutamic acid in meat up to 3 times. Since this is effective only by batting with bare hands, it is permitted to request an SCP-710-JP-J grade holder or an SPC staff member at the dining hall when SCP-Shrimp-JP-J is offered as a meal.




……So, what the hell are they?


  • アジ
  • ヒラメ
  • カレイ
  • エンガワ
  • イルカ
  • horse-mackerel
  • sole
  • flounder
  • bream
  • fluke-fin
  • dolphin
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アイテム番号: SCP-1333

オブジェクトクラス: Enochian


Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1333 is to be contained in the Third Volume of Gaspar's Revenants, a text which should manage to contain its awesome powers. SCP-1333's energies must be bled off through epic necromantic rituals, orchestrated by no fewer than seventeen dreadlords. Additional Foundation dreadlords are allowed, permitting that additional necromantic angstroms are recorded by the vociferon.

Description: SCP-1333 is THE SCREAMING MAN! His power is justifiably feared, as a consequence of his very presence ushering in the end times. Should THE SCREAMING MAN ever actually SCREAM!, then I fear for us all, for his breaths would shatter the very foundations of the universe. Consult a necromancer for further information.

Currently, should THE SCREAMING MAN'S powers ever be harnessed, he could be an unstoppable tool for super evil super good and not evil.

Claims that should anyone stare too long into his cavernous nostrils they will "…see into the dark void that lies beyond the soul of man" are currently unconfirmed, pending testing.